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Culina Health

Culina Health was our first investment of 2023! Culina Health is creating a platform focusing on making good nutrition accessible to the greater population. Short-sighted fixes such as fad diets, trendy workouts, and delivery plans don’t address the root problem—education and guidance around healthier lifestyles. Uniquely connecting nutritionists to patients is the edge Culina Health uses as their North Star. As we observe a sustaining interest in more holistic wellness, we hope to see Culina Health become a de facto nutrition service for health systems and insurance providers.

New Investment Team Member

The MGV family is continuing to grow! David Jee is joining MGV’s Investment Team where he’ll be boosting our ability to analyze market sectors, conduct due diligence on startups and source deals with the very best Founders. After spending the last 4 years growing from an Analyst to Senior Associate at Tuesday Capital, David is bringing his powerful analytical capabilities and deep market knowledge to MGV. Some of his previous investments include our PortCo StrongSuit and FeatureForm, to name just a few.. If you’d like to meet David, feel free to reach out to him directly at david@mgv.vc.

Mike West

On the press front, our incredible MGV PR team led by Mike West helped SafeHub secure coverage in USA Today and I've been continuing to publish my thoughts, analysis, and advice in Forbes and Crunchbase.

portfolio founders highlights

Observe.ai has been named the #2 AI startup behind OpenAI

Buildstock was named one of the most promising B2B marketplace startups by Business Insider

Mappy Cofounders, Karyn Nolan and Kristin Duin where named as finalists for tech entrepreneurs of the year by Hawaii Business Magazine

Glow raised a $22.5M Series A to continue automated insurance processes for SMBs